Accelerator problems?


When I drive my 1L Seat Arosa and go into 3rd gear it seems to have problems accelerating. I can push the accelerator all the way down and it will remain slow until about 10 seconds later when it will suddenly pick up. Any idea what the problem is? Will it be expensive to fix?


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Nov 9, 2014
Clutch sounds a fair shout to me, do the engine revs sound as though they are surging up and then coming back to normal levels when changing?
I had a similar symptom that started on my 1ltr recently and it turned out to be collapsed baffles in the back box restricting the engine.


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Jul 21, 2016
I had an accelerator problem once, mine was caused by a pipe leaking air into the throttle body which gave a false accusation and therefore the revs would rise and then drop very slowly. I had only just bought the car aswell, thought i had broke it haha
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