Altea 2013 manual gearbox oil


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Jul 14, 2007
I've booked my 2013 manual 1.6 diesel Altea in for its 100k mile service I asked the garage if they could change the gearbox oil at the same time, the garage seems to think the box is sealed for life is this correct ? If not what would be the correct oil to use thanks.


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That's one where the Erwin manuals come in use to double check what the service counter is saying against what the manufacturer says. £7-50 per hour to access. Without looking not sure how much they have on the Altea, you have to pay up and look. Details of accessing here:

That information would be in the maintenance PDF. Erwin is the official documentation branch of VAG used by dealers, independent workshops and DIY enthusiasts.

You download the PDFs in one swoop. May take a couple of hours. Equivalent of Haynes manuals but much more detailed. That's another source.
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