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Mar 1, 2021

Hope everyone is safe and well in these weird times of life.

I’ve just brought a seat Ibiza 2008 and couple of things are not working.

1) both front and rear washer to clean the windows don’t work, they did before but no water or anything coming out, when I push to clean I can hear the motor just nothing.

2) the radio needs a code of some kind so I can use it.

3) the middle screen doesn’t light up at all and have to guess when using cruise control for example.

Any help would be great, it drives perfectly lovely little seat.


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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
Hello and welcome!

Are you sure that you have a late model MK4 Ibiza and not an early model MK5 - if it is a MK5 the Vin should include 6J ie it would start with VSSZZZ6J------------.
As you can hear the water pump running when you "request" front or rear screen washing, have you checked that the washer fluid level is dropping after running the pump, and if so where is the washer fluid going/running out or down onto the ground.

Typically folk don't bother adding in enough winter washer additive and the washer fluid turns to slush or worse freezes and some pipes get forced off and so need refitting,.

Good luck, I don't have any ideas about the centre display problem, if that radio is not the original one then getting its code from SEAT will be impossible unless you know the original car's VIN it was fitted to, all VW Group cars "know" their first fitted radio and so normally remember it if the battery has been disconnected so no need to re-enter the security code, also it used to be a common practise to stick a bit of tape to the body of a radio if its code was known and that radio was sold on - but that was back in the days when cars came with a "radio key card" that had that radio's code on it - more relevant to a MK4 car than a MK5.
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