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Have any of you fellow Arosa drivers upgraded your brakes systems? with either pads,discs or both??

Does the new type have the same set-up as the previous one?

I am talking about the 1.0S

The reason i ask is that I nearly took the side out of an escort as the old man driving it pulled out in front of me !!

I feel that my brakes are not up to what they could/should be.

Do you know what is available?? If anything.......

questions questions questions

any feedback would be good:cheers:



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Currently looking at options this end too.

*Apparently* (I think the entire Lupo/Arosa range runs the same hubs) brakes from the Ibiza Cupra R are pretty much a straight swop. Well, except you'd need 16's

I'm doing some investigation into this, as I know a guy who has a Cupra R.

But that would be very nice, some 4-pot Brembo's on....I wouldn't bother upgrading the rear drums, or getting them converted, the gain isn't worth the horrendous cost (looked into it on my old 106).

I did look at V6 4-motion brakes.....but that would require driveshafts, hubs, discs, calipers - for front AND rear! Oh, plus some 16" rims.....mmm...expensive....

Be nice though :)


Brakes on the "Sport" seem pretty good, although I'm still probably just bedding them in as I've only had the car a week from new. They are nicely weighted so you get a "normal" response to light braking but can really apply the anchors if you tread hard on the pedal. I do find that my size-10's tend to catch on the underside of the dash, though... anyone else have that problem? Not bad like the Saxo, though: I couldn't ven fit my plates into the footwell!


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Think how I feel! I've got size 12 feet!

Don't have too much trouble, but to use the clutch foot-rest, I have to 'hook' my foot under the clutch, because my feet are too wide!

And my old 106 has the same pedals as the Saxo, but after a while I got used to it.....could almost press all three pedals with one foot, though ;)


What the.....

Hay hay people whats going on here, I thought this was a forum about brakes for the Arosa but we seem to have wondered on to a subject about shoes.

So do you think we could get back to the subject on brakes,
or else i'll send the lads round .:mad: :hammer: :)



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Going back onto brakes, it depends how much money/hassle you have/want.

You could go for V6 4motion brakes off a Golf/Bora. Or you could get the brakes off a Leon Cupra if your not after anything too powerful.

To keep cost down, the best thing to do is source brakes off another car with a 4x100 PCD.

Anything with 5 stud will require a possible hub change, which may require a change of driveshafts. You'll also need new wheels ready to go on, aswell as the new brakes. Thats major cost.

Or you coudl go for an AP Racing kit if you've got £2000 lying aorund.

But I've been told the best/cheapest option is a Cupra R kit, I've been quoted in the region of £1000 fitted.
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