Autoexpress Leon FR TDi 184 v BMW 118d M Sport + link


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Feb 21, 2003
In this weeks Autoexpress they have pitched an F21 118d M Sport v the new MKIII Leon FR TDi 184. The Leon actually beat the BMW mainly on interior and boot space followed by price. 118d was the better handling and overall drive though. Although I would have thought a 120d Sport v FR TDi would have been a better match. In places was close and they praised the handling of the Leon and how close it was to the F21. When it is online in the next few days I will update with the link to the review. After owning a MKII Leon were it was a great car to drive but a little rough and ready interior wise the MKIII Leon is a step up, but then it is 3K more than when the FL Leon FR CR170 came out!! It is very close to BMW 1 Series territory price wise and another reason I did not go for a FR 138 TSi and went for a 116i. The Golf SE which is also close on price only as the 1.4 122 engine but a few more toys to offset the cost.

The higher powered FR's or lower end SE to me is where the best value is to be found IMO.
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Jan 7, 2010
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Bit of a strange comparison as the Leon FR TDI 184 is almost an exact power match or the BMW 120d, so a bit weird they've done it against the 118d


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Jun 26, 2012
Not true, BMWs press office has the full range available and most group tests in magazines always compare cars with level specs.
Obviously not being involved in the testing (or BMWs press office), I can only imagine that they used what was available on the day. Maybe the 120d was having it's oil changed that day, or was booked out by someone else...

Maybe they wanted to compare what 25k would buy you (I'm guessing there, I have no idea what either car costs).


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Aug 16, 2007
Ive driven said car today (The exact one in the test) and compared to my old MK2 PD170 it feels very punchy actually, it drives a little more like a PD than a CR

Was very hard to get used to driving a left hooker on british roads though haha
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