Blocked heater matrix

Sep 17, 2022
I’ve just bought an Altea XL (2008 2.0 tdi).

within a day, it needed a radiator & water pump. I later discovered that the heating wasn’t working and the garage diagnosed a blocked heater matrix that wouldn’t flush through.

They reckon it’s been blocked due to the probable use of radiator sealant and has to be replaced at a cost of around £800as the whole dash has to come out.

does anybody know if this is a good price? Can it be done without removing the dash’s d if it can, is there a guide available anywhere?

many thanks in advance.

Brian Gordon-Stables

Active Member
Jan 16, 2020
Leicestershire, UK
Not sure about your specific vehicle but with some models you can get to the heater matrix via the passenger footwell. You just need to remove some trim, the glovebox and maybe the blower fan.

I did mine in a Leon Mk3 2014 in less than 2 hours. A matrix costs about £80.

This video shows the process but you'll need to see if you think it's possible with your Altea.

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