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Blue Tooth Adaptor


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This one is for Klawit I think.

Whilst in Austria in the year I picked up a brochure from a Seat dealer on accessories. It's all in German and there is a blaunkpunk device that gives you Altea radio bluetooth. It clips underneath the radio... now look it's here I found it on a Google.


see page 13

Ohne Kabelsalat telefonieren.
Im Fahrzeug sichtbar wird nur ein
Display montiert, welches die einund
ausgehenden Anrufe zeigt. Vier
Handys mit je bis zu 75 Telefonbucheinträgen
können verwaltet werden.
Auch ohne Display mit Bedieneinheit
zum Annehmen, Auflegen und zur
Lautstärkeregelung erhältlich.
Mit Display (Art.Nr. 7137019)
zzgl. Einbau € 210,–
Mit Bedieneinheit (Art.Nr. 7137016)
zzgl. Einbau € 196,–

What does that do ?.

>>Bluetooth® - Free speech mechanism Without cable salad telephone. In the vehicle only a display is visibly installed, which shows einund the outgoing calls. Four mobile phones with ever up to 75 directory entries can be administered. Also without display with control unit for accepting, presenting and for audio gain control available. With display (art. No. 7137019) zzgl. Installation? 210, - with control unit (art. No. 7137016) zzgl. Installation? 196, -<<

Can I buy one and make my generation 1 Altea radio bluetooth or have I missed something.


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Tar, much appreciated Klawit since I never did sort out the hands free kit for the car and it looks like this is a solution. It was in an AutoZZZZ Autozubehorhandelsgesellschaft m.b.h. catalogue that I picked up from a Seat dealer [long word].

It's just possible that I could order it and get it installed when I'm next in Austria even, although it may not be what I think it is and hmmm what Bluetooth phones does it work on.


ALTEA 1.4 TSI 4YOU (my2015)
Oct 13, 2005
Germany, Cologne-Area
Hi Tell,

according to the first reply (=>http://www.seat-forum.de/forum/showpost.php?p=121867&postcount=11) it's just a regular universal BT hands-free equipment to be connected with any radio unit.
It should be working with any fashionable BT-mobile.

Within the post there are 2 links to Parrot car kits offered via ebay ... which should be very similar to the ones mentioned in the SEAT-periodical.

So I think, there's no need to plan your next trip to Austria, as adequate hardware will be offered by dealers next door as well. ;)

have a nice day


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Thanks Klawit, I will have to read up on what the Parrot car kit does. Some reading over Xmas perhaps.

I expect nobody else that posts here has had a mobile phone car kit installed into their Altea. If I was buying the car again I'd specify Bluetooth, but July 2004, it wasn't an option. Post fitting Bluetooth has some appeal.


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Dec 9, 2004

I have a handsfree kit fitted to my Altea but it is a dedicated Nokia kit for my 6230i it works through the stereo speakers and you adjust the volume via the stereo. The factory stereo has inputs on the back for the speaker output of the car kit. (you either have to solder two wires to the input pegs on the back of the stereo or try and track down the plug that fits) I had mine fitted as soon as i got the the car. It is not as convenient as Bluetooth when it comes to different phones but i like the fact it has a dedicated holder that charges and i can see the phone at all times. However having seen the Parrot Bluetooth car kits wich give you phone book access via a screen it has got to be the way forward.
http://www.mobilefun.co.uk/product/3356.htm try this link for the parrot kit and see what you think.



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Thanks Paul... that does sound attractive all I need is someone to install since I don't fancy doing that bit myself threading the microphone into the airbag side panel on the front windscreen. This was what Halfords 'ummed and 'arhed about but then they didn't have the parts for a car kit for the Altea and this fell down the blackhole of the Sony MD headend convertor box, which I did get sorted out myself in July with a Google and some unpicking of Golf headends and AudioLeads boxes. Seems this one will be the project for 2006:).
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