Boot / Trunk Wiring Problems


Daft Old Codger
Dec 27, 2015
Coventry UK
Can anyone help me, noticed a bulb failure the other night ( osr inner light) went to check it and couldnt open the boot, got it open by reaching through the back seats and went to replace the bulb, noticed it was the LEDs that wasnt lighting up but the reversing bulb was lit, using a test probe it seems the bulb plate (89393464) has a short so i need to replace that, while checking the lights i noticed when the lights were switched on ( i usually have it set on Auto lighting) the boot lock solinoid was working, so there must be a break in the wiring loom somewhere,
can anyone help with a part number / price for that part of loom or if its the same loom in another model of car or if i can get a repair section

at the moment as its "just " the inner lights and lock ive disconnected all connections but need to get it sorted asap

Many thaks in advance
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