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Brake light not coming on properly


FR Derv Power
Jul 24, 2005
Hello - I am having a problem with my rear brake lights at the moment. I have to press the brake pedal pretty hard for them to come on instead of you being able to lightly press it. This is causing some worrying situations in slow traffic. When my car went in for a service i mentioned this and they said that they had adjusted the "switch" but this is obviously rubbish.

Please can anyone advise ASAP! :p


status subject to change
think this is a well know problem.
the switch is on the pedal i believe.
sounds like the dealer tried adjusting this but have done a poor job of it!

do a search there have been loads and loads of threads on this and they will probably be more use to you than my vague answer.
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Me too i had this problem a couple of months back on my LCR. The car was only a couple of months old and noticed on a long motorway trip that whenever i slowed down the traffic behind was almost going up ar5e. Whilst sat in traffic jam another drivier said the brake lights weren't coming on when i slowed down until i stopped.

Took it to stealers and they fixed there and then whilst i waited on warrenty. A common problem apparently. Took 15mins and i believe they changed some switch.

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