BSM Darlington

'Little' John

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Oct 12, 2018
Just had my Cupra Ateca for it's first service at BSM Darlington.
Upon picking up the car:
Seat seriously reclined in classic boy racer position.
Virtual dashboard view changed from my normal two dials to more sporty display
Drive mode changed from Comfort to Cupra.
MPG since start 6.9mpg!

Anyone else think the mechanic might have been ragging round the area????

Trouble is that my next closest dealer is in Durham and it really wouldn't be convenient. Nearest Cupra specialist is actually in Sunderland which is 40 miles away.

Once the CupraCare package is used up I think I'm going back to Vasstech - I only used them once with my Leon but thy seemed to do a pretty decent job.
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