Cupra Ateca review-Fifth Gear

'Little' John

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Oct 12, 2018
Got a much better review from them than I expected. Should have tested it on a proper road as well as a track though. "Can't tell the difference between Sport and Cupra mode as a passenger". Can't speak as a passenger, but after a run on most of the roads around here, Cupra mode requires a visit to the chiropractor afterwards...
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Mar 23, 2016
Still sold short IMO.
As stated above,a road drive would have been more appropriate than abusing it off road.
...and the interior criticism was silly,it’s not supposed to be a cheap hot hatch like a Fiesta ST.
Plus too many of the usual smart arse “I’m such a clever presenter”remarks,just stick to the facts,please.


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Nov 12, 2019
As with most journalist, they seem to concentrate on minor things at times, but not a bad review overall.
More importantly, it was this snippet that made me aware of the car, and led me to go investigate further at the dealers :)
I wasn't really sold on an SUV (despite the need for one due to bad knees) until I saw the Cupra !
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