Cupra Ateca Storage area mats

May 5, 2021
Hi all, I've recently got my Cupra Ateca :p and found the doors, glovebox etc dont have any carpet or rubber inside them as my Golf GTI did.
Does anyone know of anywhere where I can aquire this sort of thing?

I've found a handful on Amazon, but reviews say they dont fit, and are rubber piped in red which doesn't match the interior.
Any suggestions anyone?
May 5, 2021


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It came up way back in 2016 on German boards when they first launched the Ateca standard model, that's what they did cut carpet to size. I've never had that level of luxury so haven't been bothered with it. Wonder if the Karoqs get finished any better in that area.

Saying that you can get things for the Ateca... all is not lost 😍. Example.

Not sure why it says not for the Ateca FR, does say in the comments which part doesn't fit the FR. I would have thought they would fit in the Ateca Cupra... or some of them. Mixed reviews. Second link one review says fits the Cupra Ateca. The bits that don't fit you don't use or cut I guess. Mixed reviews, a lucky dip perhaps.
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