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Feb 28, 2002
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 Ahead of the global unveiling of the CUPRA Born, head of design, Jorge Diez, explains the inspiration behind the design and the key features that make Born so unique.

“Designing CUPRA’s first 100 per cent electric car has been a dream come true for the team“CUPRA Born, Head of Design, Jorge Diez

CUPRA Born, head of design, Jorge Diez with the car

Balance of its proportionsCUPRA Born is defined by two key pillars. First, the wheels are pushed to the corners of the vehicle to accommodate the batteries. 

“This enabled us to create a totally occupant-centric design with a very spacious interior. This is reflected in an extremely...

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Nov 24, 2012
Looking forward to seeing it in the metal but doesn't anyone else cringe when he's touching the bodywork? Like what you doing...
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