Cupra like mustard..

Aug 13, 2020
Hi guys,

Owned a red Cupra a few years back and after a break in between where i had some stop gap cars.. not a great time..
I am back but this time with a Yellow one.

I am looking at doing a stage 2 but unsure on exact mods needed.
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Aug 13, 2020
So I was umming and arring for a while but was always pulling back to the cupra.
7k for 50k miles on an 09 is decent.
Niggles noted so far
Aerial snapped off (fixed with shark fin)

Offside windows have a habit of bouncing off nothing and going back down.

Driver and passenger doors not always unlocking with key central locking. Rear and boot open fine. Any ideas?

Someone's wired in a sub (wiring still in place) but switched live isn't working. When adding/removing stereo theyve crapped all over the clips silicon everywhere. New console bought.

Good points noted,
Cobra backbox installed need to check the rest.
Low mileage at 50k for a 2009
Engine, gearbox and brakes seem solid.

Want to upgrade brakes to drilled/grooved

Stage 2 can anyone confirm if i just need cat back and induction or whether I also need an intercooler?

Not too fussed with lowering, need to be able to.moubt kerbs sometimes being in the Fire Service

Hope you enjoy the read

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