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Dealers to recommend or totally avoid.

Jun 28, 2020
I am looking for recommendations of dealers to go to as looking at Cupra Ateca for my next car , Ideally in central Scotland but anywhere would be good also.


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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
I'd think that the SEAT dealership in Kirkcaldy is the first one to consider using.

Edit:- the thing is, in my world using all the tools at your disposal get the best price and see which local(ish) dealer will clinch the deal at that probably broker confirmed price, making sure if trading in that it is still the best "to change cars" deal.

After that move to maybe the Kirkcaldy dealership for in warranty servicing.

My daughter bought her first new car, an Ibiza from them when they were in Glenrothes - Fife SEAT, returned many years later to price up a new Leon Cupra but only moved on to her local Uncle Arnie's car emporium after discovering that they had some pre-reg'd stock waiting to get dumped just before the 69 plate appeared, so so far, that worked for her but meant she paid a lot less and did not walk away with her intended ST 4WD, I had managed to persuade her that the car she needed was a 2WD with a spare set of winter wheels+tyres - just the sensible things Dads do! Not the choice that was correct for everyone, but I felt it was correct for her seeing as I thought a less "desirable" Leon with only 200ish PS would stay in her possession longer, okay I failed there, but so far so good.
Maybe my judgement is flawed as I went looking for a 3.2V6 quattro Audi A4 and ended up with a 3.0V6 Audi S4!
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