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diffference between stylance and sport help


hi whats the difference just handed bk my mk2 seat leon 2008 2.0 tdi stylance and got a 2005 seat leon 2.0 tdi sport whats the difference between stylance and sport i cant see difference but insurance company said its 8 pound more a month ??? dont see how both 140 bhp any one able to shed light


Northern Monkey
Sep 15, 2006
Could be a simple as the name. Anything with sport in seems to be more desirable to scum. Could be a higher percentage of claims, damages etc...


dont mine then if got bigger wheels and better suspension but yeah true they hear word sport and thinnk oooo **** lol

silver surfer

Full Member
Mar 31, 2006
out there over the edge vw tech
Ithought my 56 plate stylance was a sport as it has 17" alloys and red interior .Came to insure it and they said that reg comes back as a stylance and they don't list a sport till 2008.So checked with seat and some stylances are 17" and red trim and some are 16" and grey trim.
Sep 17, 2011
Even if you changed to a one litre fiesta the insurance company would probably still charge something. I Just changed cars and a quote with the same company came in 110 less but the still charged me a fiver, rip of merchants.
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