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Door rattle help

Geraint Thomas

Active Member
Jun 24, 2019
My 2016 FR 5door has what I can describe as a blown speaker sound when certain songs are on the radio. I thought that the speaker had gone but I have just found out that if I push against the door handle when I can hear this distorted sound it stops. The speaker is fine so it must be some kind of vibration in the door card. Does anyone know if its a simple fix? I have searched but most posts seem to come up for the 3 Door. Thanks.
May 4, 2019
Sound proof your doors and any rattle or noise coming from door panels will go away. You can do it by yourself, there are plenty of instructions on youtube and on forum how to do it. I did it myself, all 4 doors, about 15 hours of work, 250€ spent ok material but now I cant be more satisfied.

Deleted member 103408

Just put some sound proofing in there, the 3 door instructions or the ST Instructions give you the basic principles of what you are doing.
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