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DSG Help


Active Member
Feb 23, 2020
First time having a DSG so taking me time to get used to the box.

Few questions if anyone can help.

The little button on the gear lever do I need to press that in when I move the gear stick into neutral / drive /park or is it just for reverse?

And can anyone explain on the gear lever you have the D/S button which I imagine means Drive and Sport? Why can I push it further back down below that point there is an arrow pointing down below the D/S gear. What is that for?



1.21 Gigawatt !!
Feb 20, 2005
Button for moving the stick

pull down and it’ll move the gearbox to sport. Pull down again and it’ll put it back into D


Active Member
Nov 10, 2004
No need to always use button when moving selector, e. g., from neutral to drive & back. Experiment is the best way to find out for other movements.
Also whether you are in Drive (D), Sport (S) or Manual (M) is shown by the corresoponding letter in front of the gear number at the top of the display between the speedo & rev-counter.
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