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AP Alex

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Sep 14, 2020
Morning everyone, have recently done this group buy for a Ford group and managed to get some great results and wanted to open it up to you all. So the discount rates would be:

10% off the RRP for up to 10 orders
15% off the RRP if we can get together 10 orders for Discs, or Discs and pad kits.
20% off the RRP if we can get together 20 orders for Discs, or Discs and Pad kits.

Orders for Discs or Discs and Pad kits will come with free UK delivery. International shipping available with the price on request.
Pads alone will carry a £7 delivery charge

The only EBC items excluded will be the Big brake kits, though if you want these give me a message separately and I will see what I can do for you.

Obviously with there being so many different kit options depending on vehicle etc it would take me forever to list them all here, so the best bet is to reply on here with what bits you would want to go for, then I can let you know the RRP on them.

The general products available are as following, though this varies from one model to the next:

Disc types are regular, Slotted, and Slotted and dimpled.
Pad types are Standard, Bluestuff for trackday, Orangestuff for race pads, Redstuff are fast street pads with low dust, or Yellowstuff also fast street use without the low dust compound.

We recently did this for another group and saved each customer an average of £110 so hopefully we can do the same for everyone here if they are in need of some new brakes anytime soon!


Oct 12, 2020
I'm new to tappatalk, how do I pm you Alex, and how many people have we got so far for the order?

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