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Facelift led headlamps to work on pre facelift

mostafa syaj

Active Member
Mar 1, 2019
Middle EAST
I went into my local seat dealer today to try and get to the bottom of this and this is what I was told.

My bcm is part number 5q0937084clzo this for the normal 2016 prefaclift led headlights.

With the new facelift headlights the bcm is 5q937084cq for lamps 315 MHz

5q0937085bp for headlights with the 433-92 MHz and 434-42 MHz range

The cost of the new bcm was £246 - with a discount of 20% which I managed to achieve as I use them a lot.

They seemed to think as long as I found which wires went to what in the plug and a bcm the coding it should work.
Thanks for the pics titchy they are a great help.

Think the plan is to get my backside to a breakers yard cut the plugs of and grab a bcm and find out what MHz my facelift headlights are
could you please provide us more explains by using pictures ..thnx allot .......
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