Feeler: Racehut Slough


Dec 12, 2006
This is just a feeler at the moment to see what response I get in terms of numbers. Racehut is a driving simulator center in Slough, been open a couple of months now and I've been a few times and I've given it the thumbs up. Its located within Slough Ice arena, caters for 16 drivers (each driver has a big flat screen, logitec steering wheel/pedals, bucket seat and earphones). My friend is the manager at the Ice arena and I know the manager of the Racehut and he'll be able to do a deal (normally it's a bit pricey). I think that he said that they have the option of using a Cupra R or I definitely know they have a FWD Octavia VRS. UK tracks can be picked, Brands Hatch is quite good. For example we had a good deal; 8 of us for £15 each which gave us Brands Hatch using a race Corvette; 15mins track practice, 10mins Qualifying and 3 x 10mins Races. This was a custom set up that the manager of the Ice arena asked for to give us maximum racing time. But it can be set up however we like.
So just throwing this out there, any interest? If so put you name down:

1. Mike


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Nov 24, 2012
There's one of these near gatwick as well. They use formula 1 cars there and you're actually sitting in the car like a full race simulator, its awesome.
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