Goodwood Breakfast Club Hot Hatch Sunday

bete noir

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Dec 11, 2008
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What a disappointment this breakfast club was. I stopped going regularly, even though Goodwood is only about 8 miles from my house, because the theme was never applied properly so you got allsorts parked in the paddocks and some cool themed vehicles in the car park. I had hoped with the pre-registration process they now use that they would get this sorted, but it was as bad as ever.

Given that the theme for this one, as they originally publicised it, was to emphasise track machines built for go rather than show, the last thing I expected (or wanted) to see was the paddocks inundated with blue oval devotees polishing the door shuts on their Focuses, while several interesting track machines were exiled to the on-site car park.

I enjoyed two rally Pugs, and a couple of Renault 5 Maxi Turbos, but (notwithstanding the three mk1 Leons I spotted) the track and paddocks were completely lacking the variety of hot hatch weapons I was hoping for. If only Goodwood would employ someone who knows just a little bit about cars to select and organise the entries to breakfast club it could be so much better.

Shaun I assume your Supercopa was the black one in the on-site car park? That was the only mk2 Leon I saw.

Even after my rant, I have still applied for an entry to the Vee-Powered breakfast club in Nov for my RS4, but only because I will have it up for sale by then so it is a chance to get it seen by thousands of people. How much of a hypocrite am I? :redface:


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Oct 21, 2008
Hi Bete,

It was glorious morning and we had a great run down from sunny Sevenoaks (after I scraped the ice off the screen!!). Near to Goodwood I started to follow an indecently quick Morgan so imagine my surprise when I followed her (it was a lady driver, very good too, and I don't mean to be sexist) into the on-site car park. So I understand what you mean about the definition of a hot hatch! I don't think that Ferraris, Porsche 911's, Westfields or Morgans fall into that category, at least not in my book.

There were some interesting cars there, some that I had forgotten about and some I thought I would never see again, so it was good in that respect.

Yes, mine was the black Supercopa. i was disappointed to be stuck in that car park as I don't think many people found that it. Good luck with your RS4, I hope the weather is as good in November as it was on Sunday!



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Sep 10, 2016
I am popping along in my Leon Cupra 290. It's going to be dry but cold!

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