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Great service and quote


Blue... Oh go on then
Staff member
Nov 24, 2012

Thought I'd let people know about the great service I've been given by yourselves, spoke to Callum who was awesome.

Got me a great deal and explained everything to which I understood. Couldn't recommend enough, smashed the prices of all mainstream sites.

That's a first for me to actually be happy getting off the phone after setting up car insurance haha

Thanks very much.


Friend to SEAT UK & Cupra Racing
Aug 16, 2007
East London E1-E2-E13
Been a customer of AF for years on both my cars always beat the competitor, unfortunately when I moved from the Cupra to Cayman S they wouldn't insure it as I hadn't owned it for a year so had to cancel my 12th year no claims at 11 months to move the Porsche to another insurer.

Hoping AF will take on my Cayman S this year, still got the Golf with AF.
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