Haynes manual

Jun 2, 2023
Good afternoon all
Sorry for the daft question I'm after a Haynes manual for my fr550
Its got the 2.0 tdi engine I've looked on Google for which Haynes I need and different sites say different things.
If someone could tell me which copy I need that would be great.
Many thanks as always


Active Member
Oct 30, 2014
You won't get anything specific to the FR550, I don't know if you'll even get one for a pre-facelift FR 170.

They do a general manual for 2006-2012, that will include most things, with some info on the differences between models.
Jun 2, 2023
Thank you much appreciated honestly I wanted to double check because there's a big list of things I want to tackle on the car. so I need the right Copy for my car so I genuinely appreciate your reply I will order it now so I can get cracking thanks again 😁
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