HELP!!! Need Brake pads for Cupra 280 Sub 8 pack


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Aug 7, 2019
I have received a warning light on my car that the brake pads need changing. First of all, how do I know which pads need changing. Secondly, what is the original pads on the sub 8 pack, or do you guys have recommendations for better ones which doesn't cost a fortune to buy?

Any help received will be appreciated!


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Mar 10, 2013
OEM pad part numbers are here - item number 12. Only the front pads have the wear indicators, so these will be the ones that need replacing.

What condition are the discs in? Not worth going OEM+ if the discs are well worn.

Cheaper option - look like the pads for the Brembo callipers:

£85, but also have 50% off if you use the code at the top of the page.
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Mar 17, 2017
Hey there MH0

I have the brembos too. Had real issues with warping on the stock pads so I changed to EBC Redstuff. they are not cheap...

I have found them to be great personally, much better modulation of the brake (before it was like an on/off switch) and no warping. NOTE they do not come with wear monitors. I did not refit wear monitors so you might want to look around and see if they can be fitted or if there is another version that allows the wear monitor to be fitted.

Also, If your disks warp (which mine did, three times before I changed pad brand!) then there is a fantastic chap in Scotland who skims the disks and does lots of other brake work. "North east brakes". I shipped them to him and he was great. Have a look on Facebook.



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Mar 20, 2018
That I don't open new thread I will borrow this one :)
On thursday has car been on service(second service at 30000km) and when Im ask them about brakes they said that they are ok.. On saturday my car show warning that I must check my brake pads... I think this is little early because I don't do track days or some streat races but ok(On previous car Audi TT Im change them at cca. 90-100k km with same driving style)... So now looking for best option of pads for everyday use... OEM brake pads provide enough brake power for me but don't like "warping disc" issue so would like avoid them...
Im looking pads which have wear sensors included and is ok for everyday driving with car with "big power"(530HP).
I think that this time I will try Tarox Strada pads(SP9278.112) but if someone have some other recomendation please write it here...

Maybe Pagid RS42(Shape 2487)?
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Jan 26, 2017
@silky16v by my expirience from my previous car DS2500 do not have wear sensor...

correct DS2500 don't have wear sensors but those pads aren't DS2500 they are "DS performance" and they do have sensors (not that i ever use them, visual inspection every 3 months is what i do)
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