I want a arosa 1.4 16v sport ( BUT )


The Daddy
Feb 25, 2005
Kent & Track Days
I want a arosa 1.4 16v sport but i have a 7month old little girl so i need to get the push chair in the boot

tryed it in the boot of one the other day and it dose not fit

it was only about 1" or 2" at the most to long

i was told that SEAT made one to fit dose anyone have one or no about this?


This is correct... however i wouldn't be too sure of them still being able to get hold of it.


last time i checked on seat.co.uk under approved used car search there was 2 16v arosa's. could be worth checking if you aint already done so.

i know up my way they are very rare,., only a few kicking about
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