Ibiza Cupra 2016 - Headunit Change

May 12, 2022
Hi all,

Have a 2016 Ibiza Cupra 6P which has the small screen without maps, something ive lived with for a few years but decided i need to change it out. Getting it swapped to a 6.5" or 8" MIB II isnt an option as i am in Ireland, nobody here does the conversion unfortunately so that leaves me only with after market.

My headunit is as per this image. Its the MIB II Entry Plus model, 5" screen

Would anyone be able to confirm i could successfully install the following ?

1) Alpine ilx-705DM
2) https://incartec.co.uk/Seat/Ibiza-M...e-Din/Alpine-Double-Din/Seat-Ibiza-MIB2-16-17
- Double Fakra to Male DIN aerial antenna adapter cable (With 12v phantom power)
- Seat Ibiza (16-21) Leon (12-15) Arona (17-21) Steering Wheel audio Control Infoadapter
- https://incartec.co.uk/product/Seat...in-radio-fascia-adapter-panel-Deckless-50-687

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May 12, 2022
since nobody seems to be able to shed any light and I was informed also that a standard double DIN would not fit due to non standard din cutout, i decided to still truck on and and try make something work, i don't have all the parts yet, but i will update here in-case it might help somebody else out

- Headunit arriving next week (Alpine Halo ILX-905D) - Not entirely sure it will fit, but quietly confident.
- Confirmed a standard double din headunit wont fit, once you remove OEM radio you can see that the top half of cutout will fit a standard single din, however lower half has plastic bits inlaid that would block the same going in there.
- I think the Alpine 705DM would also fit, as you can see from image above, the top part has the single DIN, which should fit no issues, another option might be an Alpine 690D which is full sized double DIN however its depth is 60mm, so i believe this would also fit. However, the 705D model as you can see from image with the DIN at the bottom, would not fit the cutout in car, unless you cut out plastic, however not sure this would work.
- Not sure how I will secure the 905D as i dont have a DIN cage, i'll see when it arrives if it can be secured or if i need to try my luck with a random one off amazon
- Image with paper and red outline is size difference between a 7" screen which would be flush, vs the 905D which protrudes out . ie floating screen

OEM Radio: MIB II Entry Plus model, 5" screen -> 5F0035871
Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 180 x 50 x 160 mm
Display Size (W x H x D) mm: 220 x 120 x 20 mm

Alpine Halo ILX-905D:
Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 178 x 50 x 150 mm
Display Size (W x H x D) mm: 232 x 151 x 55 mm

Headunit: https://www.alpine.co.uk/p/Products/head-units/ilx-f905d
Installation Kit/Steering Controls Kit: Connects2 CTKST12 -> (consists of CT23ST22 and CTUST02, CTMULTILEAD.2 and CT27AA5 Double Fakra)

To be updated...


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