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Ibiza FR tyre issues

smuger smiff

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Aug 23, 2015
I have run a 2007 Ibiza diesel FR (130 hp) for four years and it is the most reliable, nippy and economical car I have owned. It has just flown through another MOT but the examiner found that both of the front tyres have pretty serious splits in the inside tyre wall. There is still a fair amount of tread left but they will have to be replaced. I had similar issues with the previous fronts. The examiner put it down to the tyres being low profiles.

I have fitted Falken's for some years as they are a decent tyre that performs well. I am now considering going for something different so wanted to know if any other FR drivers had experienced a similar problem. I would describe my driving style as "spirited" but I am not a boy racer so would welcome other tyre options.



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Aug 21, 2018
I have good experience with Conti sportcontacts. Now I have sportcontact 5. They car came with them, so I'm happy. At the moment I have winter tyres, vredestein, but not happy with them. I buy them because they give away a free skid course when you get 4 of them. But the conti summer tires are a lot better.
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