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Injector change car wont start?

Sep 1, 2020
hi guys, had an intermittent problem that was diagnosed as injector 1 fault, i changed the injector today for a second hand one, new bolts, injector loom etc, replacement injector adjusted as per instructions, now the car just cranks over and won't start? Thought it may of been a dodgy injector, so replaced it with the original one just incase, still won't start, even tried the old injector loom just incase but no joy! Since the changes the oil warning lights are flashing on the dash, but its getting good oil feed to the cam's, plenty of oil in it too! Really need this sorted as my wife is due to give birth any day!


Active Member
Oct 30, 2014
Damn, thats no good.

Did you prime the fuel system after doing the injector? I assume you had to depressurise the rail to get the injector out?
Sep 1, 2020
How do you prime the injector? They are fed through the head so we just undone the bolts and pulled the old injector out could there be air in the system? If so how do you get it out as there's no visible way to bleed the system?
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