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Interior Conversion


Active Member
Aug 2, 2007
Eglish, Co. Tyrone
Hi guy's writing in on behalf of a mate who owns a bora. Anyways apparantly the interior in the bora is swappable with the mk4 golf but he has came across a leather interior for a mk1 leon and he wants to know does it fit straight in or does it take some work. I think he is buying the whole interior and obviously the door cards won't fit but does anyone know what of the interior does pass between the leon and bora/golf?

Cheers guys! :D


Back to the fold!
Nov 3, 2007
Simple job of cut and fix on the connectors really dude, its just 3 wires (did mine recently), im guessin these will be obtainable from a scrapyard or stealers. In an ideal world id think these would be the same tho!

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