Invoice or Replacement GAP insurance: What is the difference?

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Sep 9, 2019
What is the difference between Invoice & Replacement GAP insurance?

The new 70-plate registration is here.

If you’re lucky enough to be getting a brand new car, GAP insurance should definitely be something you’re considering, but what exactly is the difference between Invoice (‘Return to Invoice’) and Replacement GAP insurance? Moreover… which type is better for you and your car?

We explain all in our latest blog. Have a read, here.

If you need a quote for GAP insurance, check out our website at or reach out to us by calling 01484 490095 or emailing [email protected]. members get 10% discount by using code: CUPRA10

GAP insurance is available for cars up to 8-years old, bought from a motor dealer within the last 3-months. Certain vehicles (amongst others) are excluded from cover. See here for a full list of excluded vehicles.
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Thanks for this, glad to have you on board as a sponsor. As your prices are so reasonable, from what I've heard from other members when CUPRA (finally!) release my next car for order I'll certainly be looking to take out GAP insurance for the first time. :)

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