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Is there a problem from installing brake caliper covers ?

Mr Pig

Active Member
Jun 17, 2015
Only in the brain that thinks this is a good idea.

Apart from the fact that you're making it harder for the brake to dissipate heat, if that lump of crap comes loose on the move can you imagine how badly your day might turn out?
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Active Member
Mar 23, 2016
As I understand it these covers makes fine job of improving the brakes on old Vauxhall Corsas,but,as others have said,don’t really work well on Leons.
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Friend to SEAT UK & Cupra Racing
Aug 16, 2007
East London E1-E2-E13
If they're in an accident as a direct result of them your insurance will be void.

Hardly worth it for something that looks shite anyway.
You do realise hes not UK based so that statement is probably invalid.

They are a terrible idea however, I've heard horror story's of them coming off and getting stuck in wheels etc.


This place has cost me a fortune....
Oct 2, 2018
While 17 year old me would probably have considered them I think they look a bit odd, you appear to have massive calipers and tiny discs. It just doesnt look right.

There are then the issues noted above that cause brake performance issues. Personally i'd get some big brakes if you want the look of big brakes.
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Active Member
Jun 6, 2019
The fr logo looks to be printed really terribly and this will probably melt and get stuck in the caliper, I'd just save for a year or two and buy a big brake kit REVO do a great kit


Active Member
Sep 7, 2018
Why not just spray the existing calipers in gold whilst still mounted and hand write "BREMMBO" on the face?
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