just picked up '17 SE LUX


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Mar 17, 2004
North West
Just got a 184 SE LUX DSG and love it coming from the Altea.

Couple of questions, I know with the leather seats you lose the storage drawers underneath the seats, what do others put there in place so you can use it for storage?

Also, I have a dashcam stuck on the window by the rear view mirror. I am running the power cable down the passenger side and under the carpet to get to the 12v socket. What do others use to hide the cable in the trim? In the Altea I could peal back the rubber seal and hide but I can't do that on the Alhambra.


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Jan 18, 2021
I'm not familiar with your model but in my leon estate and previous cars, I have run the cable behind the sun visor and behind the rubber along the top of the doors into the boot (if you have a socket in the boot)
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