Key fob/central locking fault

Sep 11, 2023
Hi all, new to the forums here and recently bought a Leon 1.6 16V SX (2005) which I’ve found is a brilliant car already, however I’ve got an issue with my central locking or key fob, I don’t know which one.

My fob flashes so I know it’s got power, I’ve also replaced the battery so I know it’s not that, changed the fuses, tried reprogramming the fob to the car which doesn’t do anything(unless I’m doing it wrong) - are there any other work around? Other forums seem to point to the door lock modules but I’m not sure it’s that as they still work when I manually unlock using the panel on the drivers door. Any suggestions are more than welcome!!

on a side note, I’m getting a grinding noise when in first and most noticeable when turning right slowly, cv boot is not split so might not be that, unless the joint has gone but has anyone experienced that specific issue with these?

thanks again

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