Lane Assist Not Going Straight


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Jun 16, 2010
West Midlands
Hi All,

Was hoping you guys could help me. I have recently bought a Cupra 300 Lux with Lane Assist. When I use it on a straight motorway it goes left then does this silly ping pong off the lines. Going round gentle curves are fine. I have to apply slight pressure to the right to keep it straight.

If I didn't have an Ateca with Lane Assist I would probably think this was normal, but our Ateca can keep its self straight with very little input. Hands on the wheel of course.

Is this normal for the Leon or is something else up? The tracking feels fine with it off.



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Jun 17, 2020
My 290 is the same took it quick fit and tracking was fine but have to use slight right for straight, if i hold the steering wheel straight it veers of,

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Mar 10, 2013
Sounds like it needs re-calibrating. HAs it had a new windscreen or a front end bump?
Also needs re-recalibration if the rear suspension has been adjusted or damaged.

To be honest there are a couple of things here. The roads generally have a natural camber, so the car should pull to the left (UK). Also is the stretch of road straight or slight curve to right, is the car tram lining due to indentations in the road surface?

I have also found that this system works much better on the continent. e.g. where lane markings are not worn and the lanes are generally wider ie autobahn.

Furthermore, the lane keep assist works better in my Leon with ACC than just the standard lane keep assist on the Octavia.
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