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Hi Damian.

I have been looking at lowering kits for my LCR and have decided that i'll probaly be going for a matched spring and damper package over some super stiff coilovers.

Anyway, Weitec & KW both offer packages with mismatched springs i.e. KW 50mm front & 40mm rear. Why is this? Is it because lowering packages tend to lower the rear more, so by putting different springs on the rear, levels it out?

I also notice that for springs only, Eibach do the same.

I am looking for a nice level ride and have noticed in some pics that a package with equal springs (i.e 50mm front & rear) seems to lower the rear slightly more. Would you recommend a 50/40mm package?

Can you help?

Damian @ DPM

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There's a few pcitures around the forum of LCR's fitted with the 40mm kit and the rear does give the impression of being ever so slightly lower but i think this is just because the front arches are bigger but the 50mm/40mm kit should be spot on for what you want.

Damian @ DPM Performance

Damian @ DPM

DPM Performance
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Thanks pal.

On level ground I'd say the 40mm kit look pretty spot on.

As said the front gives the impression that it may be slightly higher because of the bigger arche so that's why it may be best for you to go with the 50mm/40mm kit.

Damian @ DPM Performance
Mar 26, 2007
Very nice. Hmmm, tough choice but as you say Damian, I might try the 50/40 package.

How do you find the ride skahigh?
It's noticeably smoother when first fitted with slightly more rebound (Kangaroo effect down the road), this is only very slight however. The most noticeable difference is with the stability of the car on fast sweeping bends (90MPH+) where it now feels rock solid and gives so much more confidence.

Unfortunately, I still find the ride crashy but with stiff suspension that's pretty difficult to avoid. As long as you don't expect miracles you shouldn't be disappointed.