Leon Cupra R 225 at the age of 21 ?



I currently have a grey Seat leon 150 FR facelift and i am debating getting the full cupra R when i turn 21 soon. I will have 4 years no claims then and a clean license. i Pay 2 grand at the moment for the Leon at the moment. Is it possible next year to have the cupra r ? Wondering if anyone out there has this car and is 21ish?



Don't see why not. I'm looking to get a LCR 225 as soon as I see one I like. I'm 19 and my insurance is £1,300 fully comp. So you being 21 shouldn't be a problem?


Just for comparison reasons, im 21 and have an 07 Leon Cupra MK2 and im paying £1750 for insurance with no NCB, living in Leeds/Bradford.

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Jul 7, 2009
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Your best getting quotes mate rather than asking us.... Just go on go compare or confused or one like those.
At the end of the day it depends how much youre willing to pay, I know a 21 year old who owns a brand new Range Rover Sport with bodykit and 22" rims.... Oh and hes had an 18 month ban before the Range Rover. I dread to think what his insurance premium is.


thanks for the comments guys, i think its going to be well over 2 grand with me living in Manchester and insurance is going up all the time cos of these uninsured w**kers!


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anything is possible if you are willing to pay for it.

ps. the expected crash in insurance costs when you hit 21 / 25 just doesnt happen anymore. thats going back to the days before premiums could be quoted in seconds via computers and it was more paperwork driven. 21 and 25 being draconian ways to band people.
These days with the IT power we have now you are judged by your exact age rather than in bands.

however i do except that some insurance companies have policies regards minimum ages etc so you may find the market more 'competitive'.
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