Leon Cupra R ST - Several Warranty issues?

Nov 17, 2021
Hi All

I have a 2019 Leon Cupra R ST that will be three years old and be coming out of warranty on the 28th July 2022 - in a week's time. I am generally very happy with the car.

However, my car has only covered 15,700 miles and has had a couple of warranty issues recently.

1.) Boot badge - tailgate release sticking/stiffer operation and staying at an angle - a known Seat and VW problem and was replaced July 2022, but only because I had mentioned it to the dealership whilst the car was in to resolve the leaking panoramic sunroof into the car!

2.) Leaking panoramic sunroof - water ingress into car and boot via roof lining due to blocked drainage pipework. This only became evident after a heavy downpour in June 2022. The inside of the car and boot space had become saturated two nights running and would have continued to do so. Apparently, this is also a known problem for many VAG group models with the panoramic roof including the Seat Leon ST, the Seat Alhambra, Volkswagon Tiguan etc. etc. where the drainage pipe outlet was originally made with a small flap covering the bottom to stop any upward ingress of dirt as the pipework outlets discharge within the wheel arch behind the lining. In practice the flap causes the pipework to block and the water to back up and fill the sunroof channel and leak into the car through the roof lining and plastic trims. There are four outlet pipe - two going down the A pillars and two down the C pillars all hidden behind the wheel arch linings. The roof lining was soaking wet and a lot of water in the boot and saturated all the contents!

The dealer said the VAG recommended repair for this was to remove all of the flaps at the bottom of the drainage pipework and this is what they did. The roof lining and boot and all contents have now all dried out.

Luckily this had become evident just before the warranty was due to expire, otherwise I was completely oblivious to this major problem.

There was another issue that I had raised on this Forum regarding the wrong tracking settings and extremely bad and premature wear patterns to the inside edges of both front tyres, causing the near side tyre to wear through to the cords and potentially causing a major tyre blow out and accident. This was at only 11,000 miles! However, after chasing the dealer for many weeks, I was told that the VAG group would not entertain any tracking or tyre wear issues after the first three months and so this was not dealt with as a warranty issue!

Having just gone through all the inconveniences etc. of the above, I asked the dealership if there were any other warranty issues that I need to be aware of or to claim before the warranty expired?
The dealer said that they can only deal with issues once they have become evident!

My query and concerns are, are there any other known warranty issues for my model Cupra ST R or any other relevant issues for similar models that I should be aware of and check for, before the warranty expires?

Any comments and suggestions to check for would be welcome.

Many thanks



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Mar 10, 2013
Ok, in the UK you have 3 years warranty, but are also covered by the consumer rights act - if the car is less than 6 years old and full dealer service history, you would have a good case for any significant warranty claim.

Second piece of advice is to look at extended service and warranty package thread here:

This works out as significantly less thanhat I paid for 2 years additional warranty when new.

I too had the rear latch replaced (allegedly!) and my tracking was massively out on a standard Cupra.

Latch fault occurred again and I couldn’t be bothered to fight Seat again. When I stripped it down and polished the pivot bar it had been incorrectly assembled, either during manufacture or more likely from the dealer lacking integrity. All works fine now.

Other things to look out for - double sided adhesive bonding at the front of the skirt. Mine came away, replaced under warranty and the second set has failed too!

3rd high level brake light cracks near to the washer nozzle.

Heater matrix blocks (albeit more so on earlier vehicles, especially 184 ps diesels). Heat coming out of divers and passenger sides of the vehicle will be noticeably different, and potentially drop in coolant level. I had this fault on my Mk3 Octavia which uses common components.

Infotainment/nav became temperamental - tell the dealer that it keeps freezing and they will update the software to the latest version.

Cracked leatherette on the seat base - design has been changed now to material, but think that the seat base is common to bucket and non-bucket seats.

Door seals on the leading edge of the rear doors harden and cause rattling - you can hear this if you push the gloss black B pillar.
Nov 17, 2021
Thanks for your input Blacksheep

My car is fully dealer serviced and also I always give my car/s an additional oil and filter change every 6 months regardless of the low mileage that I do. With previous cars, sometimes the oil has been changed at less than 2,000 miles.

I had already looked at the All in warranty and service plan, but I thought that there were far too many exclusions to be worthwhile and also the prices in their comparison are full or overinflated prices. Also particularly if the dealers have to check the car for any pre-existing warranty problem that probably should have been identified and rectified within the original three-year warranty.

For example, the MOTs are at full Government price whereas lots of places charge a little over half price. I paid just £30 in Kwikfit three days ago. Pre-Covid, the prices started at £27 depending upon the time of day.

▪ 2 Services = £508
▪ 2 MOTs = £109.70
▪ 2 Years' Roadside Assistance = £452
▪ 2 Years' Warranty = £504

Their servicing is also overinflated. I paid £189 for the two-year service at a main dealer last November. I think the three-year service will cost a bit more, but not if they charge extra for spark plug changes etc. as extra to the Plan, as someone has stated.

The Roadside Assistance is also given Free by Seat if you book the service via the Seat website, even though you can pay the dealer directly for the service. Although if it was not free - most people would not need the very expensive Pan-European cover, particularly since Brexit. Also full UK breakdown including Home start and Recovery etc. is far cheaper than the price of the Seat cover.

Regarding the Infotainment/nav system becoming temperamental. I have not noticed that just sometimes a bit slow to change screens whilst engaging with Bluetooth etc. I just assumed that the operation chip is a bit under-powered. Perhaps I should have gotten the dealer to update the system when I was there the other week. I might phone to arrange that before the week is up!

Regarding the hatch latch/boot badge issue. That was changed and they showed me where the spindle rusts on the outside of the latch casing and it cannot be lubricated inside without destroying the casing. They said it was very common, yet they only dealt with it after I raised it as a problem! So I do expect that to be an issue again for me in the next 3 years or so,

I will check out the other potential warranty issues on my car at the weekend.

Perhaps others may know of other issues to check for.

Many thanks again.



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Jan 16, 2019
I Have a 10/2018 Cupra R.
There is a tech bulletin for rear pads to be replaced with a different non hydroscopic material so they do not stick on/stick to disc in the wet or after getting wet and not drying out..
I had them replaced this time last year after refaced discs [£150] and new pads calipers under warranty.
Sorry cannot get the number of the bulletin.
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