Leon Cupra ST300 4Drive Haldex servicing

May 17, 2021
Hi folks,

My 56k mile ST300 4drive is now due its annual service. Have owned for a year. It had DSG oil changed 2 years ago @ 43k miles.

When would Haldex oil change/service be required?

In addition to the usual oil, fuel, air filter change, is there anything else anyone would recommend covering in annual service. Car (2018 model) has been immaculate in my first year with it, keen to keep it that way, any recommendations on other preventative maintenance greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!


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Feb 28, 2004
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I had a Golf R from new. After the first two years, I had it done annually - but make sure it’s done properly - that means Haldex pump drained and removed, cleaned out, strainer (there’s no replacement filter) cleaned then pump refilled with fresh oil. They should fit new seals and drain plug too. Lots of dealerships don’t clean the strainer so I avoided them and used an independent specialist. Won’t hurt to have the rear diff oil changed at that mileage too. There’s no requirement but at that mileage, I’d do it - especially as the rear diffs have failed on Golf Rs and aren’t cheap to replace.

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Mar 10, 2013
The service manual states every 3 years.

However, Volvo using the same/similar (?) Haldex system every 40,000 miles.

The independent VAG specialist that I use recommends every 20,000 miles, especially if tuned or driven hard.

I had mine stripped/oil changed at 17,000 miles - oil was dirty, but strainer wasn’t too bad.