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Lower Suspension TDi Cupra


Hi All

Looking for some advice. I'm thinking of getting some suspension springs to lower the car by approx. 30 - 40mm. The springs I'm considering are FK and Eibach (the Eibach's are more expensive). Any recommendations would be welcome - either for or against. I've got the 18" Cupra alloys and just thought the whole thing would look better slightly lowered.

I have 18" Cupra R alloys on my TDI and its lowered on FK Highsport coilovers - ride is OK. Factory set-up is biased towards road use. If you go down the coilover route beware of lowering it too much. Mine was initially lowered approx 50mm and the result wasn't very nice to drive. Struggled to clear speed humps and the ARB? was rubbing on the drive shafts, especally in long left hand corners when you were pushing on. The car was raised 15mm and an FK ARB fitted which gives the drive shafts plenty of clearance (I think its the same diameter as the standard ARB so no handling issues about front/rear bias with the ARB's) - handling is a lot better, not least because you can now push on in corners without the drive shafts complaining :happy:


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Feb 14, 2005
i ve just fitted 30mm eibach springs on standard shhocks on my toledo i.8se.
its rides better than before and alot better on the motorway.
but i think there might be more room for improvement. i'' need some better shocks to fully complement the eibach springs
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