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Manchester meet/shinearama open day


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Jul 16, 2011
North Manchester
Some more info if anyones interested

QUOTE=Foxx;4092703]Well, just w00t! We have ANOTHER manufacturer open day for you. Clear that calendar folks, your Sunday has been planned for you.

It's the usual FREE affair, and open to everyone young and old.

Main points of the day will be:

  • Free for all, anyone welcome
  • Chemical Guys will be at Shiny Towers to demo and discuss their products
  • Demos of other products, washing, decontamination, claying, machine polishing, wax and sealants, and anything else anyone would like to learn about
  • The Shiny shop will be open and there'll be in store discounts on the day
  • Time permitting we may do a show & shine competition with prizes
  • Phil will try really hard not to sing :)

Our address for sat-navs etc is Unit 1e Stag Industrial Estate, Atlantic Street, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, WA14 5DW. We are next to Plumbase.

Usual day times are 10am -1PM.

So come along, it promises to be a great day![/QUOTE]
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Apr 29, 2013
I'll be going in my newly acquired MK3 Toledo. :) A few others from my site are going as well, should be a cracking turn out.
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