Mini report and picture link to awesome GTI 23rd Feb meet


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Oct 13, 2009
Hartford, Cheshire
Well it was a bit last minute to deffinitly go to Awesome GTI Chairty Event seeing as I got the Ibiza back Friday night after new clutch and flywheel! But i made it up about 11am on the saturday. So appoligise for not a lot of pictures, and videos are yet to be uploaded to my youtube account.
As per usual awesome cars, meet up with great mates and meet new people as I was taking picture off cars. Awesome staff helpful as always with a chilled out atmosphere and i seemed to have draw in people wit hthe camera being out and out.
I heard about eent on Facebook and one thing lead to another so I had to get there to show some support and get some other angles on the day in the form of pictures.
About 4pm I left and went across the estate with a few others for a mini car photoshoot sesson and chat (Chris Project Ibiza Carbon and Danny Lads insane Leon on Rotas as well as ryan who had switched from his subtle R32 to Danny's skippy hahah)

Enjoy the pictures on the following link. They have just been reduced and watermarked and uploaded. Happy to sort out any pictures for anyone, just need to tell me what car is yours and I will sort out the picture or pictures for you. Either pm on here or an email to [email protected]

Look forward to the following show season... expect similar reports to anything I get to. Cheers guys and girls.... Watch this space for youtube video and editted pictures.... Day charity event Awesome GTi 23rd Feb 2013
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