Missing sensor which I can not find on the market!?


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Jan 31, 2018
So back to the ABF lump again.. What is the sensor which goes on the bulkhead side of the inlet manifold right next to throttle cable linkage, was attached to this plate with 2 pin plug? I thought it was throttle position sensor but apparently not...


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Nov 19, 2019
Hello there,

hopefully you've had this sorted by now as you posted in 2018

The 2 pin sensor on throttle body is basically the idle position switch it tells the ECU when engine is at idle, which in turn operates the idle control valve.
Part number is 037 906 017

You possibly can't purchase the above 2 pin throttle position idle switch on it's own new,
you might have to obtain a throttle body.
Also fitted to MK3 Golf with ABF engine.

The main throttle position switch is on the opposite side to idle switch.
Idle switch is on same side as throttle cable.

Main throttle position switch (early type)
Part number 037 907 385N

Main throttle position switch (later type)
Part number 037 907 385Q

Also have a similar set up on the 2.0 16v Corrado with (9A) engine they can have one or two throttle position sensors, for idle and full throttle positions.

Hope this helps
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