Mk3 Cupra Tires max. width?


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Oct 20, 2017
Hello community,
I have always used the Continental 225/40 R18 92Y tires for my car.
I've seen few posts that people recommend Michelin PS4S but to be honest, at my city there is a big chance I run into a damn hole and tyre can get damaged quite easily (I believe Michelin is more expensive than Continental, it would be a pain in the ass to replace an expensive tyre..).
So I was wondering what is the max width I could consider for my stock rims if I want to stay with the same brand? I got a Leon Cupra 265HP (year 2015).



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Apr 26, 2020
If I was you I would risk spending the extra on Michelin’s rather than try to go wider on continentals (you can’t go much wider on stock wheels anyway). I don’t have a cupra and don’t have the PS4s, but I did put PS4 (after much reading up it seemed like the best option for my car) all around on my fr184 and they are so much better than the continental contact sports that were on the car when I bought it. So much better now, limited wheel hop and much better handling. Honestly mate it’s not worth cheapening out on tyres
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Oct 3, 2012
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If you can get the 'extra load' XL mark tyres they may offer some extra protection to damage from the road.

Touch wood since moving to Michelins I've never has a damaged tyre/rim from a pot hole, (but have had with the Kumhos that came on the 280 from the dealer).

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Jan 23, 2016
Everything is possible. On my grey fr have 225 on 7,5 wide rims. And 225 on 8 wide rims,looks little bit stretched There is room for 235 width if u want. Maybe juSt not on stock rims

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Dec 9, 2018
The standard tyre size for the mk3 280/290 etc Cupra is 235/35/19 on a 8J ET50 wheel

Stick that into a tyre calculator with your wheel specs and see what will fit.
As long as it stays within the area that the above gives, you'll be fine.

Also plenty of people run 10/12/15mm spacers on the Cupra with no rubbing, so you could even factor that into it.


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May 26, 2014
Width wont stop you ruining tyres on pot holes, its tyre wall strength and depth. So you want to go up a size in tyre wall, not sure what would be compatible.

Also, bear in mind that fitting tyres with a higher sidewall on a car’s existing wheels will increase the overall rolling radius of the wheel / tyre. This will result in a small speedo reading error (speedo will indicate a slightly lower speed than the actual speed being driven).
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