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Mk4 cupra leon - could it be 4 drive?


Active Member
Sep 8, 2017
CUPRA CEO confirmed to my face there will be a 4WD CUPRA Leon. Couldn't get it confirmed if they will all be 4WD or if FWD will be available as well.
Hmm?! Last time I heard this and got excited I later found out it was on a version of the ST only. So this could be on the hybrid only with the lower power output.

That said the new cupra brand have the Ateca and the formentor both 4 drive (although SUV). It may something they are able to do now

The gap is seemingly closing between the brands. Mk4 with Dynamic rear lights, heated steering wheel, fully connected car...

Although I've seen the new lights Audi has on the RS7 - just wow! (they know how to maintain that hierarchy)

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Aug 27, 2016
I am worried that the AWD can't be a hybrid as there is no space in the back left. Battery, fuel tank. Or they will heavily sacrifice boot space in the name of performance. ST could have the space to fit it all. I think that the Formentor has a better chance of having AWD hybrid as it just has more vertical space in the back.
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