Tony Thurston

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May 29, 2020
Hi all, as some of you know i make custom badges amongst other things.. I've been developing some new stuff that might be of interest.. front and rear badge options.. either a simple swap for the 2 "S" pieces on the front badge, or a FULL REPLACEMENT for the front badge in whatever design you want.. also a cover for the rear badge in whatever design you want.. so you can completely customise the look of your car.. most colours available, fast turn around and if you don't like them once made you simply don't buy :)..

Each item will be test fit (I have both pre and facelift front and rear housings) and shaped/fettled as required to be a perfect fit, everything comes with 3m backing for a long lasting bond..

I'll pop some pictures up, remember I'n NOT a photographer so these are taken with my phone lol.. prices as always are VERY good, just pop a post up with any questions or drop me a message on messenger if you need more info.. and remember, I'm ALWAYS happy to help, just ask..


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