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Jul 8, 2012
Hi all,

Looking for bit of advice, after 125k my LCR suspension is now feeling rather soft and sloppy. After 4 months of driving it ive finally gave in and admitted im going to need new. Im looking to replace it with a set of coilovers to get the handling back to its former glory.

Just wondering if there is anything else that is worth doing at the same time been advisedon few bit i.e bushes, track rod end c.v joint (not too mechanically minded) so if anyone could point me into the right direction with things it would be a great help as ive tried looking for poly bushes but all the different sorts confuses me slightly.

Wheres best to buy the bushes which ones do i need ect ?

Working on a budget of around £150-£200 not including the Coilovers

Damian @ DPM

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New top mounts and bearings are always with while changing whilst the suspension is off and depending what coilovers you go for you may also need to change the drop links. Apart from that I'd just check other bushes to see if any of those needed changing.

Damian @ DPM Performance
Mar 20, 2015
Just go for uprated dampers and uprated -20mm to -35mm lowering springs and just replace the top mounts with rubbers should be ok from there. Should be a nice a sturdy cupra then.
Mar 20, 2015
You can go with H*R Springs 131 pounds

from eurocarparts

standard shocks will also do

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