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new to leon


Active Member
Feb 5, 2014
Hi Guys, i am new to the leon, i have just collected the car its a seat leon fr 2 litre, no i dea what MK it is.
I live in spain and have been given an owners manual in english, but they cannot supply me with a manual regarding the radio/media, i am trying to programme some radio stations in but cant seem to make it work, i can find the stations but dont know how to store them. can anyone advise me of how to do it, or if there is a pdf version of the manual, i have the touchscreen computer with the radio on it, alongside sat nav etc.

many thanks


Active Member
Dec 6, 2008
if it's a brand new car, it should be MK3. you can find the manual of the media system/navigation on internet (i think it's here on the forum as well)
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