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New tyre?


Active Member
Jul 12, 2019
Just clipped the kerb. Wasn't concentrating for a split second and paying for it now, do we think the tyre will need replacing or is it good for now?

Usually I'd just swap out but it's an un-needed expense at this moment in time.

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Active Member
Apr 10, 2019
Keeping a tyre with sidewall damage isn't worth the risk. Definitely change it.
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I only wanted a remap
Staff member
Jul 7, 2015
Yeah. I think this! Get a tyre place you trust to look at it. I just lost a near new PS4S. Cost me £162. Annoying yeah. Worth my life no.


Active Member
Jan 27, 2010
Looks like the alloy took more damage than the tyre, can't really tell from the picture what the side wall is like. Is it bulging or cut? It looks like it has maybe been abraded a bit? General rule is side wall damage will necessitate changing the tyre, but take it to a tyre mechanic as others have said.

Mr Pig

Active Member
Jun 17, 2015
Hard to tell but it looks like a chunk of rubber is gouged out? That's a pretty strong part of the tyre so I'd not like to call it over the net. Don't take it to Thick Fit as they will just tell you top change it no matter whether it is ok or not.


Active Member
Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
That damage, as long as it is not through to the cords will be okay normally, but it needs a professional to confirm that. At MOT it will still warrant a warning/observation, my daughter cut one tyre, it got reported at next MOT, when I heard about that I cleaned the area up and super glued it back down, after that the next MOT did not comment on it. In that case, I felt that the cut/gouge was minor enough to not affect the safety of her or any other road user.

Your main problem might be that the cut/gouge material has "gone", so that damage remains open.
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