New Year 2019 Meet - Blackpool - Anybody (young or old)

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I only wanted a remap
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Jul 7, 2015
I'd love to do @theoldboys motor as its got loads of little bits which make things more fun to build lol not seen any STs for sale either which is a shame... The mk3's are going for between £60 and £80 each which is insane! I guess we will need a spare of each incase people with a trophy cannot make it to the meet lol
Start a vote who's willing to chip in a tenner for a mk3 trophy! I'd be up for that.


Blue... Oh go on then
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Nov 24, 2012
Cheers for that. Is there a cut off to decide on the top three, then another vote on where for the winning area?
I think we pick a place to meet for each of the top 3 and vote on that as all these places are vast lol I may pick somewhere but then see a location that is way better than the rest so I may change my mind lol
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